My Equipment

I’ve had a number of telescopes, mounts and camera over the years, but for the time being I’ve settled on what I suspect will be my equipment for quite some time.  It’s a fairly flexible setup and allows me to do both deep sky imaging, as well as planetary and solar.

IMG_7549 IMG_7551 IMG_7553

Deep Sky

For imaging galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, etc. I generally use my wide-field setup.  There are two main scopes I use in this configuration:

William Optics 98FLT
William Optics Megrez 72
QHY9 Mono with QHY LRGB Filters and Baader Ha

For solar, moon and planetary imaging, I generally take video of the target and select only the sharpest frames for stacking to create the final image, which is a technique called “Lucky Imaging”.  My setup for this is as follows:

Celestron C14


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